Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Epic Fail...

November 4, 2008 has been forever more etched in the pages of history. A day where men like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. paved the way so many years ago, now has become a reality. Being a white man, born and raised in the heart of the deep south, I grew up with racism all around me. Yet in my small town, racism, and the hate that accompanies it, was never an issue. It was always something that was found ‘somewhere else’. My closest friends throughout my high school years were young black men whose families grounded them in Scripture and Faith, just like my family did me. It was years later in my life that I saw first hand what racism really does to society. I will always be a blessed man for the way in which my parents raised me, especially in the manor of how to treat my fellow man, no matter what color his skin may be.

I am overwhelmed that God has allowed me to be alive as this historical day has emerged. For years it has been believed that it would never happened, yet before our very eyes, we have watched as America has chosen to place an African American man at the helm of the country that I call home….an African American man as leader of the free world. That in and of itself is breathtaking to me.

However, we must be completely honest…Barry Obama…yes, I said Barry, chose to use his formal African name of Barack over his American name. And he isn’t even 100% African American. He has an African American father, and a white mother…which means he is the child of an interracial marriage. But one day, I do believe we will see a true African American, born and bred in the heart of America, rise to take control as Commander and Chief of our incredible United States.

Here however, is where the shock and awe must seriously come to an end…

We as America, have moved so far away from the Christian morals and values that our beloved country was founded upon that we are no longer considered a Christian nation. We have hundreds of missionaries from other countries coming to America just to share Jesus Christ with our people. The lyrics from ‘America Again’ literally screams the missing pieces of a forgotten country that was founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

“George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, First Chief Justice John Jay. Names synonymous with the spirit of our country, founding fathers of the U.S.A. Over 200 years ago they shook off the chains of tyranny from Great Britain, by divine call. Citing 27 biblical violations, they wrote the Declaration of Independence, with liberty, and justice, for all. But something happened since Jefferson called the Bible the cornerstone for American liberty, then put it in our schools as a light. Or since 'Give me liberty or give me death!' Patrick Henry said, our country was founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We eliminated God from the equation of American life, thus eliminating the reason this Nation
first began. From beyond the grave I hear the voices of our founding fathers plead, you need God in America, again. Of the 55 men who formed the Constitution, 52 were active members of their church. Founding fathers like Noah Webster, who wrote the first dictionary,
could literally quote the Bible, chapter and verse. James Madison said, 'We've staked our future on our ability to follow the 10 Commandments, with all our heart.' These men believed you couldn't even call yourself an American, if you subvert the Word of God. In his farewell address, Washington said, 'You can't have national morality apart from Religious principal,' and it's true…”

Yesterday we voted by the masses to give an overwhelming victory for our President of the United States to someone who can’t even tell you about his relationship with Jesus Christ. Someone, who has numerous times made it extremely clear that fully believes it’s perfectly acceptable to allow over one million innocent babies to be executed in a process we call abortion. He is even an outspoken supporter of ‘partial birth abortion’. You can see for yourself HERE.

If that wasn’t enough to nauseate you, then you also need to understand that the man we have chosen to place in power has also made it extremely clear he feels that homosexuals and homosexual unions/partnerships are equal to that of the Biblical standard of marriage and family which is described throughout Scripture as one man and one woman. Please don’t take my word…check it out HERE.

What truly breaks my heart the most, is that I've watched the second largest generation in history become consumed and blinded by a smooth-talking prophet of change that has caused them to disregard the morals and standards that our country was established on. So many of our Bridger Generation voted yesterday for the very first time, in historic fashion, thinking that 'change' was all that mattered. Change in and of itself is good, and I most certainly support it...but not at the expense of removing the very foundation that was created to give us the rights and freedoms to vote in the first place.

In as much as yesterday was an epic success through the lenses of Civil Rights…it was as much an epic failure by placing a very God-less man in the highest position in the land. I applaud the outstanding effort and fortitude that it’s took to see this milestone in Civil Rights. And it’s my prayer that one day…and one day soon…that we as Americans, will put the right African American in office…


Robert Fellows, Jr. said...

Well said.

Shane Knight said...

I tend to shy away from giving people that are born in the USA a double title, such as African American. I understand ancestry, mine are Irish and German. But I do not call myself an Irish-American or German American.

I was born in the USA - therefore I am only an American.

dean said...

for some perspective on the thought processes of people that were glad to see this happen, i give you these 2 links. one is a homeschooler, and one is a public school teacher. both self-admittedly chose not to vote, but both:
a) are ecstatic that sen. obama won;
b) are teaching the next generation of voters...

time permitting, you would also do well to read the comments (and not just because i left a couple there myself, but just to get a hint again of how people think/don't think these things through).

if anyone feels compelled to comment on either of these blogs, please keep it respectful.

Anonymous said...

AMEN Bro. JIM. well said. God bless you and the family. Love you all.

TJ said...

uh-huh. I believe this is the sentiment in church pews across this nation. I pray next time, people get off their blessed assurance, and get their sentiments into the voting booth.

Martin Luther King would be proud we could vote in a black president - yet saddened of the ideals this black president stands for. I wonder if he would have even voted for Obama.